E$P Stakeholders To Put Over 60 Billion Tokens On Lock Up

E$P Project’s CEO Eric Loit ensured this week, the lock up of over 60 Billion tokens by seed investors to support the value of the Token.

Eric Loit, CEO of E$P comments: “We wanted to build in some long term support for E$P following the 204MM USD hack at Bitmart, which damaged us pretty badly in terms of marketing and conversion. With that in mind I quickly went and spoke to stakeholders, who most are in favor of delaying their redemption until after the use cases come out.”

With use cases in development and the imminent launch of Talk2expert, the project has total backing from stakeholders, displaying trust in the project and the entire ecosystem of use cases.

First use case to see the market, will be Talk2expert:

The content delivery platform Talk2Expert is close to going live. Turn your unique talent into cash. Earn up to 80% of fees earned directly to the content creators as well as 50% of any subscription fees are proportionally shared to all creators. If you have a course or courses of a unique ability or talent in Business, Arts, Education, Leadership or Do It Yourself, you can have unlimited earnings with Talk2Expert. Let’s support the project!


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The ESP ecosystem comprises of a ERC-20 token used in both open Decentralized apps and closed vertically oriented systems.