E$P Project Announces Staking Program

E$P Project announces pleasant surprises to both open market buyers and current investors. Earn 30% in 30 Days!

In keeping pace with our recent Educational announcements, the project is bringing staking to the forefront to accelerate our development efforts to support those agreements. As CEO Eric Loit announced earlier in the beginning of the project’s launch:

“Our token is really an utility token that enables our use cases to bring knowledge to the world and actually make a difference into people’s lives! Our strategy and overall game play is totally focused on profit generating business cases. As we bring SchoolConnect and Talk2expert live to the market now in 2022, we wanted to do a last push in 2021, to accelerate our scaling. We want to make a meaningful difference to the education experience. We want to do something that matters for the people and for the Crypto market as a whole.”

E$P Staking Program: Earn 30% in 30 Days! Simply go to the staking site: http://stake.espcoin.io. Connect your wallet that has your E$P Tokens (we will be supporting more then just metamask) and place your stake!

Rules: 1. Term of stake is 30 days. 2. At the end of the term, Stakeholder will redeem their stake and receive an additional 30% E$P Tokens 3. Transfer of tokens to the Stakeholder is subject to the normal 1% Transfer Tax 4. Staked amount is equal to the amount received by the smart contract net of transfer Fees.

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The ESP ecosystem comprises of a ERC-20 token used in both open Decentralized apps and closed vertically oriented systems.