E$P First Use Case Launches With Talk2Expert

2 min readSep 14, 2022

At the end of August, Talk2Expert launched the first version of the platform for people to Create, Learn & Earn. Check out the Teaser Video


This was a significant step for the platform. After the difficulties of last year with launching the token, the project team undertook to continue development of the use cases to support E$P.

What is Talk2Expert?

Talk2Expert is a masterclass style platform providing courses in Business, Leadership, Personal Branding, Finance, Engineering, Art & Science and Do It Yourself. Students have the ability to arrange one-on-one consultations with the Expert of their choice, which more closely models university style lectures and courses. Click For The Site

Why Talk2Expert?

The emerging economies of the world are dramatically underserved with localized and affordable content. Many platforms are simply out of the reach of consumers in these geographic regions, Talk2Expert looks to solve that with having content in a number of different languages along with a very competitive cost.

Talk2Expert also wanted a platform that gave the lions share of revenue back to the content creators without relaying on Click based advertising. The platform will pay between 70 to 80% of revenue to the content owner.

How Does E$P Fit In?

Content creators will earn in E$P and have the option of receiving E$P or USD wire transfers. In the near future, E$P will be used also as a payment mechanism in the regions that allow it. Much of the developing world remain unbanked. According to UN studies, this may be as many as 1.6 Billion people. Though many are unbanked, a great many of those will have a smart phone, hence access to a digital crypto wallet. Having E$P as a payment mechanism makes the online services available to those that do not have a bank account or credit card.

What is Next?

Talk2Expert has launched with a MVP. It will be adding functionality as the content builds out. Payment by E$P will be rolled out in the near future as well as the one on one consultations.

Currently the main focus is to start growing the content offered on the platform and building out partnerships to grow the user base. Talk2Expert is actively looking for content in:

Personal Branding
Art & Science

More innovations are planned for the platform and it will be a component of a much larger Educational strategy. Interested Content Creators should email to creators@talk2expert.io




The ESP ecosystem comprises of a ERC-20 token used in both open Decentralized apps and closed vertically oriented systems.