E$P Announces BSC Staking With Up to 80% APY

The E$P project announces BSC staking for a wider reach of investors addressing the increasing high gas prices of Ethereum. Now you can stake E$P tokens with a lot more convenience and at lower costs (typically 200x less): stake.espcoin.io

E$P is spearheaded by CEO Eric Loit who will also be soon launching the Talk2Expert Educational Content Platform. The educational use case is the first out of the three pillars to hit the market and will be made available in Q2 2022. Eric Loit comments on the BSC staking

“The addition of E$P on the Binance Smart Chain allows us to launch our uses cases on it. Ethereum presented us with prohibitively huge fees, typically much higher than the cost of our product. Having transaction that costs pennies on BSC enables E$P to be used as an effective form of payment available to everyone with a smart phone, including the vast numbers who are unbanked. We are excited to have passed this milestone along with our Ethereum to BSC Bridge leaving only the launch of Talk2Expert which will flow value into E$P through its use. Now is a great opportunity for investors to take advantage of our current market price and enrich it further with our staking protocol as well.”

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The ESP ecosystem comprises of a ERC-20 token used in both open Decentralized apps and closed vertically oriented systems.